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» Listings for January 2012

  1. Well here we are 2012! Exciting new times.

    We have lots of sparkly plans in the pipeline one of these has already escaped!!

    Towards the end of 2011 we had the pleasure of meeting lots of new people, one of which was the very lovely Sarah from Sarah Jane Photography.
    As a photo lover i was absolutely amazed by her gorgeous wedding photos and family shoots. The part which most caught my eye was the intricate shots, my mind started ticking!!
    I approached Sarah in hope she would be happy to work her magic with me, on my sparkles!

    She said here are the results of the first shoot and I am so excited there will be many more to come!!


    To find out more about her work visit Sarah at her website...

  2. I have just been updating my website and had a quick read through my 'about us' page to make sure its up to date.Untitled I noticed that it gives you a brief insight into my business and some of the services I have to offer but it doesn't really tell you who I am!
    So I figured I would tell you a little bit about me and my world! (In hope that you do actually want to know)

    Lets start with the basics..