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  1. Looking through my site you will see that i mainly use sterling silver or silver coloured items to hand make my jewellery. I occasionally use some gold too but mainly for commissioned items.
    I'm not sure why i choose silver, i suppose its because its what i like personally and what works with my designs.

    Recently during a shopping session stocking up on wire to make my button bouquets one of my supplies Beads and More by Lois contacted me to see if i would be interested in testing out a sample of her vintage jewellery findings.
    She said it would give me the opportunity to do something outside of my comfort zone!
    So loving the idea of something new i said....

  2. The world of handmade craft is a great place to be not only do you get to see wonderful handmade products but you get to meet the personalities behind them.Slicksilver5

    I love all handmade products from handmade home to handmade bags but obviously my super favourite is handmade jewellery. Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings its just handmade heaven!

    A while who i met a very talented person who i would like to share with you all, but before i do i must warn you that you will do doubt want everything in her shop!

    This person is Slick Silver Jewellery. I will give you links and contact details at the bottom of the page so you can browse later but for now let me babble a bit more....

  3. I have been feeling like a child who has had far too much sugar over the past few days and it has its advantages...occasionally!

    One of them is the ideas which are whizzing around my head most of which should never see the light of day but one or two I can let loose!! BeckieClose

    Most of what is going round up there is handmade Christmas related (ok ok I know its only July but I need to get organised as this year I am hand handmaking all...yes all gifts!!)

    Ok, so what's 'Challenge Me' all about??

    I will explain.