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  1. Your Wedding Unveiled is a new UK wedding supplier recommendation directory. Please note the ‘recommendation’ part, it’s very important! (As you will find out…) 

    wedding decoration

    What inspired you to start Your Wedding Unveiled? 

    So, I’m Sarah and I came up with the idea for the website after my own wedding back in July 2010 (The best day EVER!) As a bride-to-be, I found the wedding service industry a minefield, to say the least! How did I know which florist to choose? Which bridal shop stocked the designer I wanted at a price I could afford to pay? How did I know suppliers were reliable? 

    What I wanted was a service that was accessible 24/7, with local wedding suppliers in one place, giving me variety and choice. To help with the big decisions we faced to make our big day our perfect day, I bought (and inherited) many, many wedding magazines (thanks Lisa and Kathryn!) which I spent every spare second ‘oooing’ and ‘aaaahing’ over, folding over enough page corners to have at least 6 weddings!

    I also went to a few wedding fairs, which were a great experience (girly days out with the bm’s, mother, mother-in-law) and allowed me to see a wide range of suppliers and what they had to offer. Fun, fun, and more fun! Now that’s something I would highly recommend! However, I still found myself seeking friends’ wedding recommendations of services they had used. 

    So that’s when the idea of Your Wedding Unveiled was born...

  2. We love to bring to you lots of amazing and talented individuals and here is another, which is just that!Mad

    Helen from Cat’s Whiskers Cake Design is simple amazing.

    The pictures show that in themselves but I have had the pleasure of mail order cakes and flapjack and also some amazing Timmy Time biscuits for my little boy.

    She also helped me out when I needed something to make a friend smile. She put together a yummy box of treats which where delivered to her door and as expected we had lots of smiles and a very happy girl!

    Here is a quick interview with Helen which will hopefully let you delve a little further into her yummy world so grab a cuppa and let Cat’s Whiskers Cake Design tempt you with cake!!