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  1. Hmmmm ok i know its only been an hour or so since my last blog but i went and did it again. All that talk of weddings i thought i would spend a few minutes having a look around to see what i could find.

    I like to start with people i chat to or know. So...<BLOG_BREAK> i wondered into the wonderful world of twitter and thought i would see who is new to following me and say hi and more importantly see if there are any exciting wedding related people.

    Well guess what i found!! I introduce you to
    I spent a little time having a look around the site as a bride to be and as a business. (well as much times as i could without the little one trying to take the laptop off me to watch pepper pig!!)

    What did i find??

    First my business hat!
    They have a couple of different advertising packages including basic listings, email alerts and featured business all of which sound like fabulous things to find out more about!! There is also another section with allows businesses to feature special offers.....i always love places to shout about promotions i am having and love a bargain too!!
    If you are in the wedding industry who don't you find out more and have a look here...

    Bride to be hat!
    There are 2 sections to the site a section both which are pretty useful! There is a directory which includes listings of all wedding wants and needs and then a special offers section!
    Admittedly i headed straight for the special offers where i found discounts and deals for wedding planners, jewellery, venues, stationary, cakes and photographers! Almost everything you need for the big day!
    Well ladies what are you waiting for go check it out!!

    Whilst no ones looking I'm going to head off and google lots more wedding ideas...shhhhh....don't tell!!

  2. Weddings are in full swing at the moment and people are looking for unique and inspirational ideas to add to their expanding wedding collection!

    With blogs and features all over the place you can find yourself spending hours looking..... <BLOG_BREAK> The only problem i find with this is that i like more and more and i see my wedding 'to-do' list expanding by the second and my budget taking a running jump out of the window!!

    All part of the fun of wedding planning i suppose!
    Once of my favourite things are the wonder and creative inspiration boards you see cropping up. Creating my own generally looks like someones had a ripping frenzy and thrown them on a page! so being featured in this black and gold wedding inspiration board by Weddings by Claire was super special!! (thanks Claire!!)

    Although did get me thinking...i don't feature enough gold! Happy making for me then!!
    How about you.... what are/were your wedding colours and did you have any quirky creative ideas you would like to share??

    Do tell..

    Thanks for reading sweets! see you soon i hope. xx