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  1. I love blogs…. who doesn’t!!!

    I have to put time aside though because once I start reading I get hooked!!


    Last week I thought I would try and generate some interest from bloggers and writers to review some of my products.

    I posted a little tweet reaching my little twitter community and was absolutely astounded by the response. (lurv you tweets xx)<BLOG_BREAK>


    I had an influx of replies and DM’s almost immediately.

    A colourful array of messages offering to review my products some people saying they would be ‘honoured’


    I have now replied to each and everyone and asked them for a little more information. Once I have received all the replies I will begin to send out products.


    I am so excited about the whole venture and look forward to hearing comments from those on board…good or bad I will take on the feedback and improve in every way if need be…. and if its all good them I will dance around like a mad lady!!!


    If you’re interested in joining please let me know just pop me an email… [email protected]



    I am interested in making my website a place for fashion tips and tricks as well as a good read on top of the shopping currently offered.


    With this in mind I am hoping to invite people to submit reviews, tips, photos and all sorts of fashion goodies and will feature them on the site!!


    Again if you are interested, email me


    Speak soon my lovelies



  2. Few… I have just posted a collection of beautiful goodies for the wonderful White Box Co.

    This is a unique collection of turquoise spiral bracelets and turquoise glass beaded earrings.

    I can’t tell you how beautiful some of the patters are on these beads…they look so yummy!


    I suppose I should tell you why I have sent the goodies! <BLOG_BREAK>


    The White Box Company ( an elegant white box crammed full of fashion and beauty goodies will be making its way to London Fashion Week (


    The theme turquoise is in honour of an astonishing designer whose clothes are often described as a ‘work of art’ Pierre Garroudi



    We hope you like the goodies and look forward to feedback if you are one of the lucky darlings to receive a White Box.