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  1. I'm Sarah the busy hands behind SL!
    I love to find out a bit more about those who visit my site, 'like' me on facebook and follow me on twitter!
    Come and tell me a little about yourself and who knows you might get a little treat! Find out more below...
    SLSS07     Silver Ring     Silver Necklace     Silver Earrings
    Post a comment below.
    Tell me about yourself, how you find out about my site, what your favourite item is on the site, what you would like to see on the site.....anything!

    At the end of the month I will pick one to two lucky people to receive a free gift...who knows it might even be your favourite item!!

    So come on in, take a seat, grab a cuppa and make yourself at home!

    I'm Sarah...nice to meet you xxxx
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  2. I love blogs…. who doesn’t!!!

    I have to put time aside though because once I start reading I get hooked!!


    Last week I thought I would try and generate some interest from bloggers and writers to review some of my products.

    I posted a little tweet reaching my little twitter community and was absolutely astounded by the response. (lurv you tweets xx)<BLOG_BREAK>


    I had an influx of replies and DM’s almost immediately.

    A colourful array of messages offering to review my products some people saying they would be ‘honoured’


    I have now replied to each and everyone and asked them for a little more information. Once I have received all the replies I will begin to send out products.


    I am so excited about the whole venture and look forward to hearing comments from those on board…good or bad I will take on the feedback and improve in every way if need be…. and if its all good them I will dance around like a mad lady!!!


    If you’re interested in joining please let me know just pop me an email… [email protected]



    I am interested in making my website a place for fashion tips and tricks as well as a good read on top of the shopping currently offered.


    With this in mind I am hoping to invite people to submit reviews, tips, photos and all sorts of fashion goodies and will feature them on the site!!


    Again if you are interested, email me


    Speak soon my lovelies



  3. Few… I have just posted a collection of beautiful goodies for the wonderful White Box Co.

    This is a unique collection of turquoise spiral bracelets and turquoise glass beaded earrings.

    I can’t tell you how beautiful some of the patters are on these beads…they look so yummy!


    I suppose I should tell you why I have sent the goodies! <BLOG_BREAK>


    The White Box Company ( an elegant white box crammed full of fashion and beauty goodies will be making its way to London Fashion Week (


    The theme turquoise is in honour of an astonishing designer whose clothes are often described as a ‘work of art’ Pierre Garroudi



    We hope you like the goodies and look forward to feedback if you are one of the lucky darlings to receive a White Box.





  4. It's great to meet new people....people who have been in business a long time and people who are just starting up.
    Either way I have a great interest in what they say and love to build a good network of people.

    My most recent meet... Mr Philip Manning - Mobile Massage Therapist


    I met this great guy at the Denbigh and Flint Show on the 19th of August.
    He came across very professional and had a really great set up at the show ready to demonstrate his skills. I watched him work his magic on a few people and was looked amazing!

    He offers mobile therapy which is ideal for fitting in around your commitments and gives a one on one appointment.
    His therapy is ideal for back pain, sore hips, stress and relaxation and he also offers pre and post sport massage.

    His rates are very competitive so come on don't delay give this guy a call today.....I'm sure you won't regret it!!
    I have already passed his number on to a few of my friends and told them they just have to give him a call.

    You can contact Mr Philip Manning via telephone 07932 520146 or email him at [email protected]

    If you get chance to read this..... It was lovely to meet you!!

  5. Dashing out the door i meet the postman, baby in one hand and brown parcel in the other i scribble a quick signature.
    I should have been leaving the house, but how could i resist turning back to peek inside!

    I teared open the brown parcel (with a little help from my little boy) to reveal an amazingly simple crisp white box with a slight gloss, a pretty black ribbon in a simple knot and a simple tag with love TWBC.

    My peek inside just could stop there!! I couldn't even stop to read the letter inside...sorry TWBC....but i promise i did return to read it all later!
    On open the box I was met by a sexy black cover, screaming to be pulled open!

    As i peeled back the mask of black tissue i was in every girls dream a colourful exciting extravaganza of beady products, hair accessories, jewellery....I just couldn't wait to dig in, but i had to I was running seriously late!<BLOG_BREAK>

    So as i set off to to my list of chores i just couldn't stop thinking about my little white box at home!!

    I wont keep you waiting any longer, lets delve inside and experience the magic!!

    First think to hit me was the amazing smell. As soon as i opened the box it leaped out at me...

    I had to do a little sniffing but it didn't take me long to find Melvita's little bottle of joy; Micellar Water. I have to admit when it comes to skincare i am one of the lazy ones but when i tried this out, wow, It gives your skin an amazing feeling of hydration and makes your daily routine actually worth doing! You might just see my name cropping up on your orders soon...will make the most out of my little first though! Check them out

    After this i had to admit i whizzed through the others to see what was inside and went back to give everything a proper look. In the excitement I didn't really make a mental note of the order so forgive me!

    Arbonne had kindly included a very generous pot of eye cream. When it comes to cream I am all smell and texture so i dig in! Although the cream doesn't offer one of those smells that makes you want to eat it, it has a strongly comforting smell which draws you in a very natural smell which brings fresh white cotton to mind. The texture is thick and glossy, very rich!
    I had this cream pride of place in my bathroom....big mistake my mum after trying it out has kindly taken it off my hands and assures me its going to good use! Well i think that's a compliment in itself....doesn't look like i will be getting it back though! I will have to pop over to and order a few bits myself!

    My next find was the pretty hair clip by linziclip. I'm a big lover of red so this was perfect and has found its way into my handbag and is going everywhere with me! Ideal gift...sorry i have Christmas on the mind!! Check the website they have cute little ones too 

    Catching my eye i pulled out a bright stripped bag and poured a beautiful bird into my hand along with a pretty pink hair clip with diamante detail. I have really dark hair so this pink clip was a gorgeous contrast wearing this to work got me so many comments, so hopefully should get some orders soon.

    I then came across my Eyeko Grafitti Pen, my favorite item so far! I love this pen, its amazing, simple to use and gives the look i have always....yes always wanted but could never achieve with other pens i have used. So Eyeko you have one extra customer and lots more if i get my way....girls seriously try out this pen its amazing!!
    Oh and the postcard was amazing too!!

    To follow on from the pen i jut had to try out the mascara. This was lovely to apply with the soft brush, looks amazing on and was even better to take off. I think i might just be converted to this mascara too. I made my way through the leaflet only to discover there is a whole collection of amazing products, I have a feeling the leaflet may have made its way to my mums too!! Check them out ladies

    Now I'm not one for lipstick but i though for the purpose of giving my white box the attention it deserves i pulled out some lush lipstick and tried The Original Lipstick Sealer. Now i have never used on of these before and i was surprised, It actually worked. I always had this suspicion that they might not do exactly what they say but Lipcote, i stand corrected.
    I'm going to get one of these for my sister...actually and one of my old bosses. They are always pulling out the lippy...problem solved!!

    Next on my list was the Metique sachets. I love Tea Tree Oil ever since i had my belly button pierces all those years ago. They are amazing little sachets. I confess i am yet to make my way through them all but I highly recommend the Skin Wash and the After Wax Lotion. Try them out!

    Suddenly peeking back at me a beautiful hair clip by I might have mentioned this a few times before but i love red, so this pretty little hair clip is just so unique and eye catching. Haven't quite got round to checking out the whole shop but will be making my way over there as soon as i have finished typing!!

    Last but certainly not least, a pretty little card was looking back at me. offering chocolates personalised gifts and wedding favours. All i can say is good job I'm getting married next year and will have chance to try them all out!!

    A sweet finish to my TWBC experience!

    Girls if my babble  isn't convincing enough then just go and have a TWBC experience for yourselves and discover a collection of amazing products!
    I am thinking of all sorts of excuses as u for my girlie's, pay day treat, pre-wedding gifts for the ladies....whatever the occasion it's whats inside that counts with The White Box Co!






  6. I think I am starting yet another blog apologising for not posting for a while!!


    I have been so busy…


    I ran a competition with The Bridal Magazine recently…. thanks you for those who entered and the winner picked by The Bridal Magazine will be featured in the August issue.


    I have also been working with 3 fantastic companies creating and evolving designs to suit their needs.

    I’m not sure I should mention who they are at this stage so please watch this space!

    What I can tell you is there are some beautiful designs coming your way soon…. charm bracelets, handbag charms, hair clip, broaches and lots lots more.


    More recently I have designed a special piece, which is being considered to appear in a magazine as we speak. Keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully I will be able to update you with some exciting news soon!!


    I am also working very hard on stock to promote at the Denbigh and Flint Show on the 19th of August. For those of you who are local please come and see me!!

    It’s an amazing show and a fantastic day out… why not make the day even more special and treat yourself to one of our pieces.


    In the next few days I will also begin work on the turquoise collection ready for London Fashion Week this September courtesy of The White Box Co…  

    Again this is an amazing opportunity and I’m very excited. I have a few ideas in mind; will post pictures as soon as I can.


    I would also just like to thank all of those who have ordered from me over the past few months. I have had some wonderful feedback and appreciate your custom. I hope to hear from you again soon.


    On a final note… I have started thinking Christmas already. A little scary I must add… but it will soon be here!!


    Take care all and speak soon…


    PS. If you want to hear what we get up to between our posts on here…. follow us on twitter or facebook

  7. Long time... Sorry!
    How are you all??? Good I hope. Its been busy.
    I am working on a new collection... very exciting! <BLOG_BREAK> Can't wait to see the final pieces and the whole collection together.
    Pictures will be taken on people/models...not something I haven't done before so wish me luck! Hope the models don't outshine my pieces (you know who you are!!)
    I'm hoping this will bring a whole new look to the design collection!!
    Might even have a picture taken myself......

    The site has had a few changes to and I hope to do a few more as I get time. I love to make sure the site has a fresh feeling and doesn't look the same all the time....although I have to admit I do fall into the trap when things get busy

    We have added a whole new selection of engraved gifts too, some are yet to go on the site but its a fab gift collection and we are offering FREE engraving at the moment too! Grab it while you can!!

    Hmmmm anything else to report??? (thinking hard!)
    I think that's all at the watch this space for new designs, changes to the site and (hopefully) some fab new pics!!!!!!

    Take care all, comments below please love to hear from you xoxo

    PS - Check out my Friends of SL..... The White Box Co. Let me know what you think???

  8. Well..... for a change, no I'm not!
    I'm feeling in a chirpy mood.

    I have just read that Relationships are rockiest in the first month of the year<BLOG_BREAK> – and tempers reach boiling point on January 25. I hope not.... I mean after all it is St Dwynwens Day (Welsh Valentines Day)
    Apparently,. Throughout the year, most couples argue an average eight times a month – but this almost doubles in January due to money worries, the weather and lack of sleep,
    Following the highs of Christmas and New Year, reality sinks in and the last Monday before pay day, is the most fraught with tension

    Any if you weren't feeling a bit down before you probably are now and will be looking for a good subject to start an argument tonight to get it all off your chest! (If you are Welsh then no gift on St Dwynwens Day might be a good one)
    Lets try and defy the theory!
    Happy, happy, happy....

    I have lots of thought rushing round in my head which is sending me into a bit of a spin.
    Am working on a beautiful banded tiara for a bride to be and also the very proud parent who wants something special for her daughters ballet (hello if you're both reading!)
    It really exciting when I'm making something for a special day. I get an amazing feeling when I have created a piece and the customers dream becomes a reality and I feel a sense of pride when you get a glimpse of it in the photos!

    Before I leave you on today.... doom day... I would ask you take a minute to think of all those good things in your life. x