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25th Jan - dubbed Doom Day, but are you in the mood for an argument right now?

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Well..... for a change, no I'm not!
I'm feeling in a chirpy mood.

I have just read that Relationships are rockiest in the first month of the year<BLOG_BREAK> – and tempers reach boiling point on January 25. I hope not.... I mean after all it is St Dwynwens Day (Welsh Valentines Day)
Apparently,. Throughout the year, most couples argue an average eight times a month – but this almost doubles in January due to money worries, the weather and lack of sleep,
Following the highs of Christmas and New Year, reality sinks in and the last Monday before pay day, is the most fraught with tension

Any if you weren't feeling a bit down before you probably are now and will be looking for a good subject to start an argument tonight to get it all off your chest! (If you are Welsh then no gift on St Dwynwens Day might be a good one)
Lets try and defy the theory!
Happy, happy, happy....

I have lots of thought rushing round in my head which is sending me into a bit of a spin.
Am working on a beautiful banded tiara for a bride to be and also the very proud parent who wants something special for her daughters ballet (hello if you're both reading!)
It really exciting when I'm making something for a special day. I get an amazing feeling when I have created a piece and the customers dream becomes a reality and I feel a sense of pride when you get a glimpse of it in the photos!

Before I leave you on today.... doom day... I would ask you take a minute to think of all those good things in your life. x

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