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In the mood for weddings!

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After viewing a few wedding venues and having a wedding in the family (Congratulations Mr and Mrs Evans!!) it has got me in the mood for wedding jewellery and accessories!
You can have sooooo much fun with weddings! Jewellery and hair pieces or tiaras for bride, maids and mothers. Favours and wedding stationary of all shapes and sizes; you can even add some beads and sparkles to the cake and flowers!

Pearls, crystals, glitter, flowers, butterflies..... I could go on all day! (I wont I promise!)

Whilst checking our some beautiful beads and this seasons colours and must haves I came accross a wonderful selection of vintage and beaded handbags and have since gone handbag crazy!!

You might just see a selection of those handbags appearing in my shop this space.
Let me know what you think!

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