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I have just been updating my website and had a quick read through my 'about us' page to make sure its up to date.Untitled I noticed that it gives you a brief insight into my business and some of the services I have to offer but it doesn't really tell you who I am!
So I figured I would tell you a little bit about me and my world! (In hope that you do actually want to know)

Lets start with the basics...I'm Sarah the busy hands behind SL!

I am the creator of S L Jewellery & Accessories which was inspired by the birth of my beautiful baby boy and the passion to make a future for us to be proud of as a family. Along with my partner the three of us live in North Wales in the small village of Treuddyn just outside of Mold, Flintshire and my creative studio is the spare room of our house which has recently re-located from the dining table!

I run a very hectic life but wouldn't have it any other way.
By day I work part time at a local newspaper, run a busy house and try and be the best mummy and partner in the world and by night I burst with creativity and become creating handmade items for all occasions. Do I succeed...well I hope so.
Sometimes its difficult but we cant have highs without the lows.
I run every aspect of my business. I create and design, I update and run the website, I advertise and market myself every time you see a post on a social networking site...It's me not a bot or a feed its a real life person (so make sure you say hi!!)
A lot of things I have never done before and I learn new things every day.
Lets share some of the highs...
What started off as a very small project for family and friends you can now see in shops. Fashion jewellery in Elysium in Ruthin, Bridal Jjewellery and Accessories in Belle Bridal Boutique, Manchester and Jewellery and you know what every time I write that I find it hard to believe.

As well as the online boutique I also love supporting and attending local events to showcase my pieces. I have recently attended a local school fair selling my jewellery in Northop and have another this week in Buckley, an open evening for wedding jewellery in Queensferry and house party for jewellery in Mold. I will also be attending others in the local areas to keep an eye on the site for more information.
More recently I have been looking for businesses to work alongside and local shops who are proud to stock a local designer of unique products. Its still very early days but I'm hoping that one day items will be available on the local high street.
It's nice to think that people could head into local shops and pick up MY pieces worn by celebs such as Gemma Atkinson and Hollyoaks stars Holly Jay Bowes and Melissa Walton at affordable prices. (A little name dropping was a must here, couldnt resist sorry!!)
What else can I share??
At times I feel like screaming but always come out the other side feeling stronger. I will help anyone so if you need anything just ask. I'm terribly shy, but in small steps I'm getting better. I'm a sponge I take everything in. I'm very emotional and passionate. I'm real, this is me.
For those of you who know me you will this post was a tricky one to write, but I'm glad i have done it.  
If theres anything else you would like to know then feel free to ask and share some information about yourself too
Its nice to know more about the people who take time to visit my site and read about me ;)

Sarah x

PS...this is me, wasn't going to add a photo, but its done now (although may delete before it goes live lol)


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  1. Dave Ledward

    Well done Sarah, you did it ..and I need the time to do something similar. Was well worth the effort, very impressed!

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  2. Silvia (SlowLaneMade)

    Loved reading 'About you'. It also reminds me I need to redo mine...well at some point soon anyway:)

    Posted on

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