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Meeting Talented People! Slick Silver Jewellery

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The world of handmade craft is a great place to be not only do you get to see wonderful handmade products but you get to meet the personalities behind them.Slicksilver5

I love all handmade products from handmade home to handmade bags but obviously my super favourite is handmade jewellery. Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings its just handmade heaven!

A while who i met a very talented person who i would like to share with you all, but before i do i must warn you that you will do doubt want everything in her shop!

This person is Slick Silver Jewellery. I will give you links and contact details at the bottom of the page so you can browse later but for now let me babble a bit more....

You will see when you visit her site that there are some most divine pieces of jewellery a mixture of silver and aluminium which is painted and dyed to produce unique and limited pieces and collections.

Val Williams at Slick Silver Jewellery takes inspiration and sometimes materials from nature to design and produce contemporary her pieces of handmade jewellery.
She offers a beautiful range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and bangles / cuffs in some delightful colours, shapes and textures. The pieces are truly unique and you can see the passion which has gone into the creation of each individual piece.

Slicksilver4                     Slicksilver3

For those of you who know me and my love for purple the Kaleidoscope collection is just amazing!

I am so lucky to be the very very proud owner of one of the scrumptious necklaces which i adore!

Anyway, enough of me, I shall keep you waiting no more and give to you the links of his handmade paradise showcasing the amazing collections so go along take a look at the jewellery, say Hi to Val and invest in one of those beauties :-)

Happy  Shopping.

Website and online Store -

Twitter - Http://

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  1. Marry Mathews

    Not only you many women and girls are crazy for handmade jewellery . I also like the unique handmade pieces . The silver and its alloy are best to made cost effective and stylish

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