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#dailysparkle Whats it all about??

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If you follow me on any of the social networking portals like twitter or facebook you will notice over the past few weeks I have been posting about the #dailysparkle.SLSS80
Haven't got a clue what I'm talking about? (yes I know very often I ramble about strange things but this time I have a purpose)
The #dailysparkle is to encourage us all to show off our necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, hair clips, hair bands or any other accessory you will be fashionably sporting that day!
There are many reasons why I have created #dailysparkle. Yes, ok one of the reasons is to shamelessly plug myself and promote my handmade jewellery and to tempt you all into a little bit of shopping but there are other reasons too!
A lot of people I chat with are wonderful creators of handmade products from their own homes. Most of which might not feel like putting on a sparkly necklace or pretty ring to sit at home and work all day. So hopefully one or two of these people will see the posts and join in the fun by wearing a beaded bracelet or crystal headband and even sharing a photo with us all. I know lots of my fellow sparkles would love to wear one of there sparkly tiaras well now you have an excuse!

Another reason is that I am a strong believer in supporting other businesses and given that there are so many different styles of jewellery out there all created with different materials and handmade in different ways then we can all share our magical creations with each other and our customers too.
One of the other reasons I want to mention is its nice to see the important pieces of jewellery that share a special place in your heart. Those amazing engagement or wedding rings, heirlooms passed down through generations or even those DIY bracelets that your daughter or nieces made you! All very special in their own way and well worth sharing a photo of.

There are lots of reasons to join in the fun so why not head over to Twitter or Facebook and post your #dailysparkle today.
Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings whatever your wearing take a pic post it on Twitter and include the hash tag #dailysparkle or 'like' me on facebook and tag me in your photo.
Cant wait to see or hear about your favourite pieces of jewellery! 

Sarah xx

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