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Challenge me - go on :)

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I have been feeling like a child who has had far too much sugar over the past few days and it has its advantages...occasionally!

One of them is the ideas which are whizzing around my head most of which should never see the light of day but one or two I can let loose!! BeckieClose

Most of what is going round up there is handmade Christmas related (ok ok I know its only July but I need to get organised as this year I am hand handmaking all...yes all gifts!!)

Ok, so what's 'Challenge Me' all about??

I will explain.

Do you always have a budget in mind? Reality, yes its very boring but most people work to budgets, well with things as they are most of us have to.Silver Bracelet

Christmas presents, birthday presents, wedding gifts and special occasion gifts or anything really. Even when you treat yourself.

Aunty Shells birthday and I want a gift for £10

Christmas stocking fillers for the little ones that don't cost the world.

The office Secret Santa gift for £7

Accessory to match my outfit but I have already spent £100 on an an outfit.

Gifts for 6 bridesmaids and my flower girl but I have a wedding budget to stick to.

Gift for a teacher but I only want to spend £5

Nieces Birthday and she is ballerina mad need something special for £15


Well if this is something you hear yourself saying then 'Challenge Me'

Contact me with a few details and I will help you create the ideal gift spending exactly what you want!! Simple :)

It's as simple as saying I want a sparkly pink bracelet for £5 – I will create something for you send you a photo we can tweak if we need to and then its all yours to purchase if you choose.the bracelet

I'm loving this new idea (even if I do say so myself!!)

Already I have had a request for 6 bridesmaid gifts following a butterfly/cupcake theme and a Christmas list from someone simply detailing who they are for, how much they want to spend, colour and preferred item necklace, bracelet, earrings etc.

Marvellous...well I better get to work.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this idea and if I can help then just contact me.

Items can be all sorts of handmade jewellery anything from sparkly necklaces, beaded bracelets, sterling silver earrings, adjustable rings, personalised bags charms and keyrings, hair accessories including clips, bands and pins.

If you want some ideas then feel free to take a look around the shop.

Handmade gifts are unique and give that special touch!

Thanks for reading and hope you hear from you very soon. Remember Christmas is just around the corner (ha ha sorry couldn’t resist!!)

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  1. Tracey Jones

    I like your spirally bracelets and would like some as christmas presents. My budget is about £10. Chunky if poss, silver in colour and sparkly for the first one. The bracelet is for a christmas present for someone who only has a small wrist like Karen in property if you can make it slightly smaller in width to fit on wrist. Thanks Sarah xxxxxx

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  2. Rachael Fenwick

    Now THIS is the idea of all ideas! I must get the grey matter into action to indulge your challenge ;)

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  3. S l jewellery

    Sarah thanks for the reply. Have sent you an email. Look forward to your reply xx

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  4. Sarah Godney

    Hiya, I think this is a great idea!! I would love to get a birthday present for my mum and sister. Their birthdays are in september and october. I have a max of £10 for each present. The only problem I find with jewellery for my mum is that she can only wear gold or wooden beads, as she is allergic to metals. If you could help me with both of these that would be great. Many thanks Sarah

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