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Mmmmmmmmmm Cake!!

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We love to bring to you lots of amazing and talented individuals and here is another, which is just that!Mad

Helen from Cat’s Whiskers Cake Design is simple amazing.

The pictures show that in themselves but I have had the pleasure of mail order cakes and flapjack and also some amazing Timmy Time biscuits for my little boy.

She also helped me out when I needed something to make a friend smile. She put together a yummy box of treats which where delivered to her door and as expected we had lots of smiles and a very happy girl!

Here is a quick interview with Helen which will hopefully let you delve a little further into her yummy world so grab a cuppa and let Cat’s Whiskers Cake Design tempt you with cake!!

Please introduce yourself and your business.

I'm Helen Finney and I run Cat’s Whiskers Cake Design. We’re a bespoke wedding and celebration company but we also make treat cakes and biscuits that go through the post. We’re based in a little town called Ramsbottom, which is just north of Bury, in Lancashire.  I work from home and look after two small children as well as run the business.

How long have you been working in this field and are you full-time or part-time?

I’ve been making cakes for as long as I remember but I took classes in cake decorating in 2005 when I was expecting my first son. I set up the business about a year later and ran it part time alongside a job in finance. I was made redundant in 2009 when on maternity leave with my second son and have been running the business full time since then. I work with my mum so we’re a real family business!


Can you tell us a bit about your average working day?

I have more of an average working week – Monday and Tuesday are baking days alongside preparation work. This might involve mixing icing, colouring sugar paste or making models all ready for the orders that week. Then Wednesday is usually when the cake covering starts, with Thursday left for final touches and reviewing designs. This schedule shifts about in the week according to what orders we have so it may be that I bake much later in the week for an order of wedding cupcakes for example. In between I fit in admin, blogging and tweeting and sending out orders of cupcake wrappers and favour boxes from our online shop. 

Do you have a favourite image of a product or one that you think sums up what your business is about?

I love these purple miniature cakes. Our miniatures have been very popular with our brides this year and I love making them. The designs are planned so that they can be mixed and matched to allow for budget constraints. Each one is made with the same attention to detail that we’d give a tiered cake. I think they sum us up fairly well – attention to detail, a unique design and an eye on keeping costs reasonable for a bride…..they’re even in our logo colours too!

Cake           Purple Cakes

What do you love about your job and what do you think is the most challenging part of your job?

I love the creativity of my job and being part of a special occasion. The satisfaction of a good reaction from a customer is wonderful and very rewarding.

The challenging part for me is fitting everything in! With two small boys, one of whom is pre-school age, there’s a big juggling act to be done!

For work-at-home mums….what’s your top tip for juggling your job with your family?

I’m a big fan of lists. I have them stuck to the fridge door! Meal plans, shopping lists for home and business, to do lists….it helps to bring a little order to proceedings. I also deal with school letters as soon as they arrive home, sending permission slips back straight away means there’s no chance I’ll forget!

Is there anything in particular you want to shout about? A recent achievement or a new product maybe?

We have a new venture called ‘The Recipe Tree’. It’s a book that allows you to build-your-own heirloom of well-loved family recipes. There’s space for a family tree and then lots of room for recording recipes. We’ve just received the first print run so it’s very new and we’re excited about it! You can find out more on

The Recipe Tree

Where can we find you? Website, Facebook, Twitter?

We have a website at , you can find us on Twitter @whiskerscakes and on Facebook at

Can you tell us one fact about yourself? It can be weird and wacky or nice and straightforward!

I love cold baked beans….best eaten straight out of the tin!


Well now you know a little more about Helen you just have to pop over to the site and order something! It's a yummy must have.

Thanks to Helen for taking time to write a few words for us and hopefully we can have a full feature on 'The Recipe Tree' which just sounds uber exciting!!

Hope you enjoyed the read I'm off for some cake now....mmmmmmm



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