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Come along and meet the wonderful Gina from By Gina Events

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I love to meet new people and by the power of Twitter I have met some wonderful talented and creative gina by gina eventsindividuals.

One of those people is the lovely Gina from By Gina Events. We chat and I also get to hear about her progress daily via social networking.

She is so dedicated and shows so much passion for her business she is a true inspiration! I hear so many good things about her and her event planning so would highly recommend her.

She has very kindly agreed to introduce herself to us and tell us a little more about By Gina Events. 

So i will hand you over to the amazing Gina...

By Gina Events is a Wedding and Event planning service. My new website went live in January
replacing my very inferior one and I am so pleased with it.

gina by gina events
In a previous life I worked as a wedding and event planner in hotels and missed working in the
wedding industry after I left. I decided I’d like to continue to work with weddings but didn’t want the
unsocial hours that come with the hotel industry. Then I decided that I could still organise weddings
and events by working for myself using all the skills and contacts I had built.

gina wedding dress

A lot of wedding suppliers believe you can charge more as soon as the word wedding is
mentioned...I believe in letting all couple’s, no matter what budget, have the same quality without
compromising their dreams. I charge a % of a couple’s total budget so it isn’t only people with big
budgets that can afford professional advice. I pay for myself, as I save them money and their original
budget won’t increase by hiring me. So everyone can have a wedding planner to help them along the

gina wedding invitations

When I’ve planned a wedding, there’s nothing better than watching the groom’s face as the bride
walks into the room. Witnessing their vows always causes a lump in my throat.....I’m so privileged
to be able to be a part of peoples wedding days and I will never loose the feeling of being part of
something very special. I love my job and I believe it shows in my work.

gina wine glasses

My aim in life is to have a gorgeous boutique in Tynemouth near Newcastle upon Tyne where I live.
I would love couples to be able to come in, sit down and talk through all their hopes and dreams for
their wedding day in a consultation room. I also aim to have a shop front in the boutique displaying
all my handmade jewellery and stationery...I’d also love to showcase other handmade items from
local wedding businesses in the boutique.

If you would like to find out more about Gina and her services then you can find her...



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