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A LOWESTOFT couple who started producing handmade vintage-style jewellery just one year ago are celebrating the success of their first year in business.
Kim Hall and Luke Peek started making jewellery at their home in Lowestoft as a hobby, and set up an online business to start selling it a year ago.....
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They have already sold hundreds of items through their website and are now keen to expand the business so that they can put their new found skills to good use and make their antique brass jewellery full time.
Kim said: “We’ve always been quite keen on crafts, and wanted to do something from home so we started buying bits and pieces online to make our own jewellery.
“It started with one little box and now we’ve got beads, pendants and charms everywhere and make all our own designs to sell.
“We’ve taught ourselves how to do it and make all the pieces in our spare time. We design jewellery which we like, and which is a bit different to what is already available.”
Having devoted much of their spare time to building their business online, Trashy Art jewellery is also now sold at the 2nd Avenue Street Boutique in Lowestoft High Street.
It is the only local outlet for the jewellery, and customers buying their jewellery in the store are among the few who know that the business is run from Lowestoft.
Luke, who works as a website designer, said: “We have had a couple of online orders from local people, but I’m sure they had no idea that we’re based just down the road. We’ve sent orders all over the world and have had great feedback.
“People seem to really like what we’re making, and we both said at Christmas that it was nice to think of people finding our little boxes under their trees.
“We’ve been really busy since the New Year, and several customers have told us that they’re ordering items after getting something from us as a present.
“Our plan is to gradually change our stock list this year so that every time people come back to the website there’s something different.”
They added: “We chose jewellery really because it was small enough for us to do it in our flat, so we’ve been surprised and delighted by the success in just a year. We really enjoy it and knowing that people like our jewellery is a great feeling.
“We’ve fallen into this somewhat by chance, so it’s brilliant that it’s been going so well.”

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