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Morning everyone,

I hope you have had a fun filled weekend! Monday is with us again...but I am ready with coffee in hand and am very excited about this coming week. Lots of exciting plans to put into place!!


Well in January I joined lots of other gorgeous makers in the Etsy Resolution 2016 which was a bootcamp style feature offered by Etsy. It was a group made up for sellers old and new and also some advice given from some amazing established sellers and others offering small business advice all via a fabulous Facebook Group!If you have followed me on social media over the last few months you will have seen lots of Etsy shop links appearing.  

I spotted the group and I was inspired to give Etsy a real go. I started my shop a while ago but hadn't really given it a good go so this was my chance. 

Well here are are a few months later and all is going well. I have met lots of other fabulous makers and no have a collection of new designs and classic popular ones listed and sales and flowing in! If you are a lover of Etsy already why not pop over and check my shop out and give it a favorite! I am SarahSLJewellery (

If you havent shopped with Etsy before now is deffinately the time. They offer the most amazing gifts and designs. 

Have fun and happy shopping

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