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March Madness!

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Long time... Sorry!
How are you all??? Good I hope. Its been busy.
I am working on a new collection... very exciting! <BLOG_BREAK> Can't wait to see the final pieces and the whole collection together.
Pictures will be taken on people/models...not something I haven't done before so wish me luck! Hope the models don't outshine my pieces (you know who you are!!)
I'm hoping this will bring a whole new look to the design collection!!
Might even have a picture taken myself......

The site has had a few changes to and I hope to do a few more as I get time. I love to make sure the site has a fresh feeling and doesn't look the same all the time....although I have to admit I do fall into the trap when things get busy

We have added a whole new selection of engraved gifts too, some are yet to go on the site but its a fab gift collection and we are offering FREE engraving at the moment too! Grab it while you can!!

Hmmmm anything else to report??? (thinking hard!)
I think that's all at the watch this space for new designs, changes to the site and (hopefully) some fab new pics!!!!!!

Take care all, comments below please love to hear from you xoxo

PS - Check out my Friends of SL..... The White Box Co. Let me know what you think???

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