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  1. Hi everyone, just popping in to share some exciting news with you! We are growing!! :)

    We have joined the fabulous Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous team and now have some products live on the site. We have started by adding our recent favorites and are currently working on adding more and more each day! We hope to have our full collection live soon and also some exclusive designes that will only be available to Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous shoppers! Watch this space!!

    We started with a bang as we hit their front page feature with our gorgeous long rose quarts pendullum necklace. 

    We have slipped in a celebratory screen shot here but if you have time pop over to the live and check out some of the other gorgeous sellers too. You won't be disappointed!!

    see you all soon

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    GWAG Front Feature

  2. Hi everyone, I hope you're all keeping well. 

    This time of year is always full of wonderful challenges to keep us on our toes, don't you think?!?

    You have been keeping me very busy these last few weeks and for that I thank you, but I also have something else to share with you!

    I am sooooooo excited that S L Jewellery has taken a road trip and is now available at the amazing Things British in Chatham, Kent.

     Things British

  3. Morning everyone,

    Just a quick catch up to announce a new and exciting collaboration between myself and the fabulous Pink Rabbit Designs! If you haven't spotted any of Pink Rabbits designs yet you must be crazzzzzyyy.... get on over to her Instagram and have a nosey! They are sparkly and beautiful and cute and touching.....go and see for yourself. 

    Pink Rabbit Designs and I had chatted about how much we loved each others work and it just made sense to get together and see what we would come up with. I made some beautiful handstamped shapes with quotes and Pink Rabbit worked her magic and turned them into the most beautiful designs! I cant wait to show you....

    Pink Rabbit Designs1 Pink Rabbit Designs2 Pink Rabbit Designs3

     Pink Rabbit Designs4      Pink Rabbit Designs5

    I'm sure you will agree these are fabulous!!

    If you want to order or enquire about having something made then here are the link....

    Pink Rabbit Designs - Facebook - Instagram

    and of course you can message me too if you need any help

    chat soon

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  4. Hi everyone - just a little reminder that we are attending ladies night toight at Cilcain Village Hall, Flintshire @ 7.30pm which is fundraising for Cilcain Schoool. They have a collection of fabulous stalls, drinks and yummy food and some entertaintment too. Pop alomng and say hi it would be fab to meet you all and its set to be a fab evening!! 

    See you there

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  5. Morning everyone,

    I hope you have had a fun filled weekend! Monday is with us again...but I am ready with coffee in hand and am very excited about this coming week. Lots of exciting plans to put into place!!


    Well in January I joined lots of other gorgeous makers in the Etsy Resolution 2016 which was a bootcamp style feature offered by Etsy. It was a group made up for sellers old and new and also some advice given from some amazing established sellers and others offering small business advice all via a fabulous Facebook Group!If you have followed me on social media over the last few months you will have seen lots of Etsy shop links appearing.  

    I spotted the group and I was inspired to give Etsy a real go. I started my shop a while ago but hadn't really given it a good go so this was my chance. 

    Well here are are a few months later and all is going well. I have met lots of other fabulous makers and no have a collection of new designs and classic popular ones listed and sales and flowing in! If you are a lover of Etsy already why not pop over and check my shop out and give it a favorite! I am SarahSLJewellery (

    If you havent shopped with Etsy before now is deffinately the time. They offer the most amazing gifts and designs. 

    Have fun and happy shopping

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    SLJewellery Etsy